Market Access Canada is pleased to introduce Nature's Generator Canada's First Solar Powered Generator

untkey USA, Inc. is very excited to introduce to you our Nature’s Generator patented line of solar generator systems and accessories.  Our goal based on our company heritage is to deliver an unparalleled value, quality and user experience in the solar generator market.  Our goal with our unit is to educate consumers on the need for this type of solution in not only emergency situations, but also everyday use.  This is truly one of the few items that can help to offset the initial buy cost by generating electricity for free.  Electricity has a cost associated with it and the more you use our systems, the more you can recover your initial investment.  In addition our plan is to help future proof our generators so that as the product line grows and is adaptable to the generator that has already been purchased. We are continuing to make investments into this category and continuing to develop new and exciting products and accessories, so that when consumers think free electricity generation, they will think of Nature’s Generator. Coming to a Canadian Hardware and Automotive Stores and Online.

Natures Generator.jpg