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CTM International

CTM International

CTM Group is a Canadian company, established in 1996, in Montreal, Quebec, which includes CTM International Giftware Inc. CTM Lighting Inc. CTM Appliances INC. and CTM International Hardware Inc. CTM has several branch locations including offices and showrooms in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Xiamen. Our overseas joint-ventures provide us with an infinite assortment of product such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, polyresin, metal, wood, plastic, GRC, fiberglass...etc

CTM is proud to be a recognized leader of originality in our field We pride ourselves in our commitment to deliver an excellent product, according to our customer's specifications and schedules. Flexibility, innovation, coupled with a dynamic supply chain team, provides us with important advantages to the success of our customers.

We maintain our own facilities in China, our own QC people, as well as a design team and studio workshop led by American designers and support staff.

CTM International

Our 4 Major Locations: Montreal, Canada Hong Kong, China Shanghai, China, Xiamen, China
Our Suppliers are located across the country in China: Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shantou, Chaozhou, Meizhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Anix, Dehua, Taizhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Baoying, Qingdao, Zibo, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenyang, Taiyuan...etc.

Resource & Development

Our R&D works close with our Marketing team updating constantly in the area of new designs and current themes. Many of our customers have special request that our in house and dedicated design team can develop quickly and accurately.

We have our own sourcing team which is always searching for the best resources to maintain our competitive costs with the quality our customers expect.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

We have our own QA and QC team to do quality assurance and quality control for each individual order. We regularly check the production line in factories in during mass production inspection and final inspection. Each individual order MUST have pre-production samples approved before mass production can start. Factory audit, production testing, third party inspection also available depending on customer request. Ability but not limited with:
Bureau Veritas (BV), Consumer Testing Laboratories (CTL), Intertek (ITS), SGS, CSA, UL
Factory audit, production testing, third party inspection also available depending on customer request.

Ability but not limited with:
Bureau Veritas (BV), Consumer Testing Laboratories (CTL), Intertek (ITS), SGS, CSA, UL

CTM Overview

  • 3 offices located in 3 different locations: Montreal, Hong Kong; Xiamen.

  • 12000 Sq ft Showroom in Hong Kong

  • And 8000sq ft Showroom in Montreal

  • Over 100 employees

  • Strategic location, proximity to factories & ports.

  • Fully integrated Logistics & export network.

  • Centrally located to serve all trans-shipping points

  • Approx 100,000 sq ft warehousing


  • COSTCO (Worldwide)

  • WAL-MART / SAM’S CLUB (Worldwide)

  • HOME DEPOT (US & Mexico)

  • K-MART / SEARS (US & Canada)



  • Lowe’s (USA & Canada)











  • AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange)

  • BJ's Wholesale Club

  • Giant Tiger

  • Bosvo's

  • Hobby Lobby

  • Kent Building Suppliers

  • Hart Stores

  • Orchard Supply Hardware

  • Rural King

  • Variety Wholesalers

  • RONA / RENO Depot

  • Shopko

  • Price Smart

  • BMR

  • Home Hardware

  • Peavey

  • Canac

  • HD Supply Repair and Remodel

  • And many more..

Solar Powered Generator

Solar Powered Generator

Huntkey USA, Inc. is very excited to introduce to you our Nature’s Generator patented line of solar generator systems and accessories.  Our goal based on our company heritage is to deliver an unparalleled value, quality and user experience in the solar generator market.  Our goal with our unit is to educate consumers on the need for this type of solution in not only emergency situations, but also everyday use.  This is truly one of the few items that can help to offset the initial buy cost by generating electricity for free.  Electricity has a cost associated with it and the more you use our systems, the more you can recover your initial investment.  In addition our plan is to help future proof our generators so that as the product line grows and is adaptable to the generator that has already been purchased.  We have recently completed the development of the Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine and the Nature’s Generator Power Transfer Kit.  We are continuing to make investments into this category and continuing to develop new and exciting products and accessories, so that when consumers think free electricity generation, they will think of Nature’s Generator.

At Nature's Generator, our mission has always been simple: to provide unlimited clean energy to all who need it. Having seen the numerous issues with gas-powered generators and the havoc that fossil fuels wreak upon our environment, we set out to create a generator that could be used by anyone, anywhere, to power anything. With that goal in mind, we designed our line of state-of-the-art portable generators powered by the wind and sun.

Our founders recognized that when it comes to disaster, it's not a matter of if one will strike, but when - and when that time does come, it's important to have access to reliable, easy-to-use technology. From Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, to Hurricane Lane in Hawaii, Nature's Generator has provided thousands with the power needed during emergencies – and we continue to work hard daily to get this technology into as many hands as possible. 

We're passionate about our work because we understand that in the modern world, access to power should be a right, not a privilege – and we recognize that too many areas of the world still struggle with connecting to the grid. This drives us to keep our products affordable and versatile, so that we can help as many people as possible worldwide. In keeping with this ideal, we are here to help uplift impoverished children, families and communities all around the world.

We here at Nature’s Generator are working tirelessly to bring you the very best Portable Solar and Wind Generator products and services possible.


• Built-in 60Ah/720Wh SLA Battery

• Integrated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Function

• 3 AC Outlets Deliver up to 1800W of Peak Pure Sine Wave AC Power

• 2 USB Ports Deliver up to 3A or 15W Output

• 1 DC Port Delivers up to 20A or 240W Output

• Central LCD Display Shows System Information

• 90W Built-in Quick Charge Battery Charger

• 150W Solar Charge Controller and Port

• 300W Wind Generator Charge Controller and Port

• Built-in 600V/175A Expansion Port for Connecting an Unlimited Amount of Nature’s Power Pods

• Universal Heavy Duty Cart Designed to Work with

Nature's Generator, Nature’s Power Pod, or both

• Includes 4 Foot Extension Cord

• Patented Design